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Welcome to our Community Hub where community members can subscribe to get notified or join in any upcoming events and individuals interested in volunteering can come to register and sign up to help. CBO-100 Member Organizations can also register here as well as to learn about any updates or to share information or updates on their own community activities.

UA3 is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization focused on community-driven solutions to address inequities facing underserved communities. Through partnerships with public and private sectors, educational institutions, and an extensive network of community service organizations (CBO-100) throughout New York City, UA3 provides food and PPEs to multiple African, Latino, and Asian American communities in Harlem, Washington Heights, South Bronx, Brownsville, Sunset Park, Bensonhurst, Flushing, Jamaica, and Ozone Park just to name a few, in addition to Chinatown/Lower East Side.

In addition to combating food insecurity, we also focus on continuing to break down social barriers and bridging the racial and cultural divide. Where the pandemic has created an atmosphere of anti-Asian hate, we work with every racial, ethnic, religious background individuals and groups to foster a common theme of unity in solving community issues.

For more information about UA3, click here to check out our website.

Click here to see a video of UA3 recent activities.

Click here for NY1 News Coverage regarding food insecurity and UA3.

Click here for WPIX News Coverage regarding our food pantry's Plentiful reservation system.

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