Pardes North America Programs and Events

Welcome to our North American Program Hub

We're excited to offer online and in person events across North America, including immersive cohorts and fellowship opportunities that allow you to dig a little deeper, a little longer.

There are two primary ways to use this hub:

  • If you are looking for meaningful, dynamic Jewish learning taught by our world class faculty and staff check out the events below and sign up for what interests you

  • If you are a Pardesnik* who has attended one of our immersive learning programs, this Spring we'll be inviting you to begin using this hub to create and offer your own Jewish learning opportunities for your friends and communities. (With some curated resources, incentives, and learning opportunities 💥 )

*What's a Pardesnik?

A Pardesnik (noun): Someone who has engaged in deep Torah study with the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies and believes that the Torah belongs to every Jew.

What's Pardes?

The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies is an open, inclusive, diverse and intellectually challenging Jewish learning community based in Jerusalem with programs worldwide. Pardes cultivates a life-long love of Jewish learning, the Jewish people and Israel. Pardes inspires engagement in Jewish life — as communal and spiritual leaders, educators and active participants.

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