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Shula Deli

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Shula is an Israeli- Mediterranean deli shop. A place where locals of Amsterdam can taste the food that chef Yoav Siev, and most people he knows, grew up on. Shula brings an amazing mixture between cultures who have arrived to Israel, coming from many other countries. Bringing together all these different people created one of the most delicious, rich, and interesting cuisine you’d ever come across.The freshest ingredients – vegetables that grew under the amazing sun – wild herbs, olive oil, lemons, and the most interesting spice mixtures are just “the basis” of this kitchen. Shula’s cuisine is not about fine dining or having a great restaurant experience. It’s about sharing good food together with the people you  most love to work, celebrate, and hang around with, and of course with your beloved family

A place to have fun. A base to go back to whenever you need good food and where you will come across like-minded people. Shula deli is inspired by the grandmother of Liri, Yoav’s wife. A woman who’s one of the best cooks he has ever met, and the one who inspired him to start working at the best restaurants in Tel-Aviv.Besides, she’s an amazing hostess too

Hi, I’m Shula. Please, come on in

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