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Hillel York, in partnership with Osgoode's Middle Eastern Law Students Association, Asian Law Students Association, and Jewish Law Students Association, will be running a four-part fellowship on how to succeed in law school, from first year exams to the 1L recruit.

Sessions will be run by the company, 4L Academy, a group of lawyers dedicated to help 1L students succeed in law school and post graduation.

The four sessions will be take place over the course of the academic year, two per semester, and are as follows:

1. How to write summaries

2. How to prepare for law school exams

3. Best practices for cover letters and resumes

4. Networking and navigating the 1L recruit

Limited spots available. Application will be accepted on a rolling basis.

In the registration form, if you are not affiliated with Hillel, please select "Other" from the drop-down menu.