Marc Philippe

Rosh Chodesh Kabbalistic Yoga and Sound Bath


As we usher in the month of Elul, the time before the High Holy Days, enjoy a yoga practice infused with the energy of the ten sefirot, Divine emanations from G!d! We will learn how to balance out different energies in our body such as Chesed, loving-kindness and Gevurah, strength to create Tiferet, harmony. We will go through some yang poses and end with yin postures and yoga nidra. Let’s all get in alignment with the Divine, our own bodies, our souls, and our community. Please bring a mat if you have one!

We will end with a blissful crystal bowl sound bath for a restorative session, tapping into the powerful energy of Rosh Chodesh.

With Rabbi Arielle Shimko-Levy and Rabbi Marc Philippe.