Base Bay

Tea & Torah: Friday Parsha Study

Every Friday at 1 pm


Join us Friday afternoon before shabbat for a casual exploration of the week's Torah portion. No background or experience necessary, all are welcome! We'll start with the Torah text and integrate commentaries, poems, different translations, and any other resources we feel moved by. 

Register for the event to be kept in the loop weekly, even if you can't join every week.

Things to know:

  • We understand access as an ongoing process & conversation; we're excited to work with our community to be maximally welcoming. 
  • Covid: Please take a rapid test before coming! We’ll have a few on hand if you forget or don’t have access to one. This event is inside where we have an open floor plan and two high-quality air filters. Because it has been a small group masks are optional; if more masking would make this event accessible to you, please indicate that in your registration and we’ll update accordingly.
  • There are about 6 steps into our house where the restroom is. We are working with our neighbors and property manager to arrange a wheelchair accessible bathroom - if you would benefit from this please let us know when you register and we can work to ensure one is available. Thanks for your patience as we work to make our house more physically accessible.
  • We minimize the use of scents in our house and ask that you do the same when visiting.
  • Food: Our kitchen is ingredient-kosher, meaning everything that comes in is kosher but not necessarily hekshered except for meat, which must be hekshered. If you require hekshered food or have other dietary restrictions, please indicate that on your registration. We’re committed to making sure you have something to eat and may reach out if we have questions about how to best do that.

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