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AAA Emergency Response

Donate To Support AAA Emergency Response (Asylum-Seekers From Texas)


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Currently our volunteers are on the ground in NYC receiving migrants coming from Texas via New York City Port Authority, Mega Bus Station and local airports.

We are responding to this emergency as best as we can with minimal resources. Everyday hundreds of Asylum Seekers arrive in NYC and we are on the ground to welcome them and assist with food, clothing, shelter and information regarding their upcoming immigration hearings. Many have literally come here barefoot, with swollen feet, and knees from the long dangerous trek to get here. Their journey to get to the United States is long and grueling. They risk their lives to get here and unfortunately many did not survive. We are in need of funds.

We reunite families in other cities which means we have to purchase flights and buses to their final destination.

Please help us raise funds that will go towards responding to this urgent crisis.

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